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What are Mind Maps?


Uses of Mind Maps are only limited by your imagination.

What is a Mind Map?

  • A Mind Map is a thinking tool.

  • A Mind Map is an organizational tool.

  • A Mind Map is a problem solving tool.

  • A Mind Map is a graphic representation of radiant thinking.

  • A Mind Map is a colourful, image rich, simplified one page summary of… Anything!

  • A Mind Map is a versatile tool whose applications are only limited by your imagination!

The center of the Mind Map depicts the subject or title of the topic. 

Main branches that emanate from the centre depict the main points or the salient features of the topic. Sub branches and sub sub branches of the main branch further illustrate that particular feature. All branches are colourful.

Each branch and sub branch has a keyword which describes the point. The message of the keywords is then further reinforced through symbols and images. This makes the Mind Map beautiful and also memorable. 


How Mind Maps affect you?

Memory Aid: 

When the word “Lemon” is mentioned, what comes to your mind immediately.

Is it the spelling L-E-M-O-N?

In all probability you saw this picture in your mind. 








You may have even remembered the smell or felt the taste on your tongue. 

Did you salivate?


This is how you remember stuff.


You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. A word associated with an image is a wonderful memory peg.

Mind Maps are colourful diagrams with keywords and lots of images. The keywords are linked through branches and the images associated with the keywords make them memorable.


Foster Creativity

There is a common misbelief that creativity is inborn, either you have it or you don’t. This is simply not true. One of the major benefits of learning to mindmap is it develops your creativity. You will literally notice your creativity flowering as you practice your Mind Mapping regularly.

Any time you get stuck while working on an idea, writing an article or planning a project try to mind map it.

Applications of Mind Mapping

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