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Why Mind Map?

Mind Maps have become a serious tool in the corporate world. This is endorsed by the fact that almost all the top Fortune 500 cos. use Mind Maps. Some of the notable cos. are Boeing, Microsoft, British Petroleum, IBM, HP and General Motors.


Some of the celebrities who have publicly endorsed Mind mapping as a tool are Bill Gates and Al Gore.

Besides being a tool for greater productivity, Entrepreneurs and their employees also find that their creativity and memory is greatly enhanced by regular mind mapping.

This wonderful tool has the potential to be used in so many innumerable ways that it is beyond the scope of this document.

Let us hence stick to its use in your Financial Advisory practice.

Application of Mind Map

Clients: Most of the time clients do not understand the financial jargon the Advisors use but they still go along with whatever their advisor says because they basically trust their Advisor to do the right thing for them. Mind Maps give Advisors an opportunity to not only simplify the jargon but also make clients understand finances in an engaging and fun way.

Use Mind Maps for
• Client discovery process (initial “getting to know”) meeting.
• Present your Financial Plan.
• Investment reviews.
• Summarising discussions.


Note taking: Next time you attend a conference or a lecture, ditch your note pad and carry a drawing book. Take notes through Mind Maps. You will realise that you understand the topic better because for a change you were listening to the speaker and mindmapping mindfully and not furiously writing down what he was saying without really listening or trying to understand. As a result, you will also remember the topic much better.

Ideation: Regular Mind Mappers notice that there is a spike in their creative thinking. This helps them in their creative activities like writing articles, making presentations or even authoring books. In fact, it helps them think through any vexing problem.

You could also use them in group situations with your team for Project Management, task management and even planning your organizer.

Workshop Details

  • This is an online full day workshop of approximately 5-6 hours.

  • It will start at 10 am and will end by 5 pm with a one hour break in the afternoon.

  • The trainer is confident that at the end of the workshop, each participant will become a trained Mind Mapper ready to be able to create Mind Maps on their own and use this skill in their day to day activity.

  • Additionally, there will be a post workshop support if required for 2 one-hour sessions to be used within a month of the workshop.

  • Fee is Rs. 3000 for complete Online Workshop

MM for FA
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